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Sr Patricia Fox on Justice for the Philippines.

Conversation over lunch, organised by Pax Christi. Sunday 16 June 12:30 for 1pm lunch (bring something to share)Kildara Centre Rear 41 Stanhope Street Malvern Rita 03 9379 3889 | 0448 701 877Catriona 03 9509 7906 |0419 109 830 After 27 years as a missionary in the Philippines, Sr Pat was expelled by President Duterte, because […]

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Geraldine Doogue AO & Francis Sullivan: 2019 Ozanam Conversation.

Standing up: reclaiming lay leadership in the Catholic sector. On the need for reform, renewal, and refreshment in the Catholic Church, in order to sharpen social conscience in political debates on health and welfare issues. Event free of charge, but bookings essential by 15 July rsvp@svdp-vic.org.au | 03 9895 5935

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A Mosaic called Ruben.

Anne Doyle . Making mosaics is the art of crafting broken pieces into a work of beauty. In her book, Finding Beauty in a Broken World, Terry Tempest Williams writes: ‘Mosaic celebrates brokenness and the beauty of being brought together’. In late February, I flew into Nairobi with a group of people associated with the […]

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Ross Garnaut lecture series on energy transition.

Prof Ross Garnaut delivers a six-part seminar series on the challenges and opportunities of energy transition in Australia. The seminars (also available by webinar) will build the case for energy transition, calling on knowledge of climate science and studies of the economic benefits of mitigation. A sectoral analysis, covering in particular the electricity sector, transport and […]

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In Australia, climate policy battles are endlessly reheated.

Marc Hudson, University of Manchester This article is part of a series examining the Coalition government’s record on key issues while in power, and what Labor is promising if it wins the 2019 federal election. It might feel like the past decade of climate policy wars has led us into uncharted political waters. But the […]

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There’s a lot of bad news in the UN Global Environment Outlook, but a sustainable future is still possible.

Pedro Fidelman The University of Queensland. The Sixth Global Environment Outlook (GEO-6), the most comprehensive environmental assessment produced by the UN in five years, brought us both good and bad news. The environment has continued to deteriorate since the first GEO-6 report in 1997, with potentially irreversible impacts if not effectively addressed. But pathways to […]

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Friday essay: how Western attitudes towards Islam have changed.

Philip Almond University of Queensland. Less than a week after the attack on the Twin Towers in New York on 11 September 2001, US President George W. Bush gave a remarkable speech about America’s “Muslim Brothers and sisters”. “These acts of violence,” he declared, “violate the fundamental tenets of the Islamic faith.” After quoting from […]

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The ethical imperative for a just world.

Peter Whiting. Wedged appropriately into the two days between the Easter celebration of the Resurrection, with its promise of a new order, and the Anzac Day commemorations acknowledging the sacrifice of many for the basic values of life and freedom, the two-day Earth@Peace conference in Melbourne in April addressed action for a Just & Ecologically […]

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Pope Francis and Grand Imam firmly denounce violence in the name of God.

Bruce Duncan. Shocked by savage attacks on Muslims by a radicalised Australian in New Zealand, of all places, and on Christians and other Sri Lankans by Islamists, it is clear that the virus of ISIS is spreading, despite the defeat of the so-called Caliphate in Syria. Islamist and racist violence will never be eliminated simply […]

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Uniting against terrorism: Pope Francis & Muslim leaders in Abu Dhabi.

Bruce Duncan. Pope Francis has made dialogue with Islam a high priority, as he is acutely aware that the scourge of war and displacement of peoples will not stop until these great religious traditions can consolidate effective norms of peace, justice, toleration, and cooperation. As the leader of the Catholic Church and a spokesman for […]

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