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Ross Garnaut lecture series on energy transition.

Prof Ross Garnaut delivers a six-part seminar series on the challenges and opportunities of energy transition in Australia. The seminars (also available by webinar) will build the case for energy transition, calling on knowledge of climate science and studies of the economic benefits of mitigation. A sectoral analysis, covering in particular the electricity sector, transport and […]

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In Australia, climate policy battles are endlessly reheated.

Marc Hudson, University of Manchester This article is part of a series examining the Coalition government’s record on key issues while in power, and what Labor is promising if it wins the 2019 federal election. It might feel like the past decade of climate policy wars has led us into uncharted political waters. But the […]

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There’s a lot of bad news in the UN Global Environment Outlook, but a sustainable future is still possible.

Pedro Fidelman The University of Queensland. The Sixth Global Environment Outlook (GEO-6), the most comprehensive environmental assessment produced by the UN in five years, brought us both good and bad news. The environment has continued to deteriorate since the first GEO-6 report in 1997, with potentially irreversible impacts if not effectively addressed. But pathways to […]

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Climate change: we all care!

Tony French. Record greenhouse gas emissions are driving global temperatures to dangerous levels. This is the dire conclusion in the latest World Meteorological Organisation report, WMO Statement on the State of the Global Climate In 2018. The WMO is part of the United Nations. The WMO report highlights record sea level rises, as well as […]

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At a climate tipping point.

Andrew Glikson. According to Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, chief climate advisor to the European Union, “We’re simply talking about the very life support system of this planet”. As fascism and the horror of murderous hate crimes are spreading around the world, governments are presiding over runaway climate change, leading toward a mass extinction of species, costing […]

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Climate crisis: not so slow-burning now.

Editorial. Future generations will struggle to understand why key Australian politicians and sections of the media refused so long to recognise that global warming was an immediate threat to Australia and the world. January 2019 was the hottest month on record in Australia, with the nation’s mean temperature above 30C for the first time. According […]

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An ecumenical response to Laudato Si’.

Prominent experts discuss the burning issues of climate change & inequality, raised by Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’. Friday 8 March 5.30pm to Sunday 10 March 2019 2pm.St Clement’s Retreat Centre, Galong, NSW, 100km from Canberra. For information click HERE. Anglican Bishop Philip Huggins, President of the National Council of Churches Australia, will join leading ecologists, […]

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Earth@Peace. How to secure ‘just & ecologically sustainable peace’.

23-24 April 2019 9am-5:30pm and from 7:30pm. Pilgrim Theological College Melbourne29 College Crescent Parkville Melbourne $100 per day, $70 concession/student, $135 professional development (with certificate). $20 evening sessions, $15 concession. Payment on entry (no online booking for evenings). Earlybird discount 20% for standard and concession tickets before 23 February 2019. Book here. For full information, click here  |  see […]

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Here’s how a 100% renewable energy future can create jobs & even save the gas industry.

Sven Teske University of Technology Sydney. The world can limit global warming to 1.5℃ and move to 100% renewable energy while still preserving a role for the gas industry, and without relying on technological fixes such as carbon capture and storage, according to our new analysis. The One Earth Climate Model – a collaboration between […]

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Austen Ivereigh on Pope Francis.

Prominent UK author Dr Austen Ivereigh. Close & concrete: Pope Francis evangelising in a world of flux’. Tuesday 21 March 2019 5-6:30pmThe Oratory Newman College 887 Swanston Street Parkville Response by Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez of Honduras, coordinator of Pope Francis’s C9 group for Reform of the Church. Part of Helder Camara lecture series. Further information […]

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