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Dear friend of SPC

With warmest thanks to you for your support as a member of SPC, we invite you to renew your financial membership for 2018-2019.

SPC offers a vehicle for informed debate in our newsletter and through our events on critical social issues from the perspective of Christian social values.

We give special attention to Pope Francis, as he highlights the moral dimensions behind global problems, particularly growing inequality, poverty, and climate change. Francis is energising the churches ecumenically – as well, indeed, as world religions – in a fresh dialogue on efforts to promote universal human wellbeing, in close support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We are confronted with pressing issues. President Donald Trump has proved a wild card in international politics, sparking a possible trade war with China, and involving erstwhile allies in Europe, Canada, and Mexico. Trump’s blustering threatens to fracture the western alliance, just as China is expanding its influence through Asia and the Pacific. And Russia maintains its bellicose posture, in Ukraine particularly, but also in cyber attacks on the West.

Despite the defeat of Isis in Iraq, terrorism remains a continuing threat, and wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Southern Sudan have greatly swollen refugee numbers.

Belatedly, Australia has woken up to China’s economic and political expansion through the Pacific. China has stepped into the aid and development role that Australia had occupied before it slashed its aid budget to 0.22 percent of GNP, our lowest level since the early 1970s.

We are also greatly concerned that Australia is not doing enough to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the most comprehensive plan ever devised to lift living standards everywhere and act urgently to ward off disastrous climate change.

In Australia, we have seen little progress on issues of fairness in government budgets, energy policies, the debacle over greenhouse gas emissions, the housing crisis, the plight of asylum seekers, and the national campaign by our Indigenous peoples for a treaty.

Our public events & forums in 2017-18 have included …

  •     Revd Peter Woods and Louise Byrne on West Papua’s struggle for self-determination.
  •     Laurence Chong on The economy of communion: A people-centred approach.
  •     Russell Broadbent MP launching Dr Tony Ward’s book, Bridging troubled waters: Australia & asylum seekers.
  •     Professor Paul Smyth and Fr Bruce Duncan speaking on Fifty years of integral human development.
  •     Professor Paul Smyth on Wiring social justice into the economy.
  •     Professor Allan Patience on Australia’s foreign policy in Asia: middle power or awkward partner?
  •     Caesar D’Mello on Is it time for a Just Peace framework?

The SPC website

In 2017, traffic to our website nearly doubled, attracting over 60,573 unique (separate) visitors, making a total of nearly 98,000 visits, opening 273,000 pages.


SPC has expanded its activity through Facebook, relaying important articles from other media on areas of concern.

Board members

SPC is fortunate to have a Board of skilled and experienced people : Revd Chris Mulherin, Major Jenny Begent from the Salvation Army, and Danusia Kaska from St Vincent de Paul. Long-serving members are Peter Whiting (chair), Tony French, and me.

SPC & the University of Divinity

SPC began in early 2005, and has established a modest but strong readership and support base. It is now time to increase SPC’s reach in public engagement. We have been in conversation with the administration of the University of Divinity about how SPC might collaborate formally with the University in its commitment to contribute strongly to debates on current social and public issues. Such collaboration will require SPC to raise sufficient funds to expand its staff and operations. Hence, we are currently seeking a professional fundraiser to help secure the needed resources. Our hope is that a revamped SPC will raise its public profile, with skilled advocates fully equipped to engage in the public conversation about social issues.

Discount for financial members on publications associated with SPC

  •     Sufficient for the day: towards a sustainable culture by Geoff Lacey
  •     Towards a better world by economist Arthur Gibbs
  •     Social justice: fuller life in a fairer world by Bruce Duncan
  •     Young people, faith, & social justice by Joan Daw
  •      A world united or a world exploited: Christian perspectives on globalisation, edited by Peter Price
  •     Social justice & the churches: challenges & responsibilities, John D’Arcy May
  •     Working with disaster: clergy & bushfires by Lisa Jacobson
  •     Bonded through tragedy, united in hope. The Catholic Church & East Timor’s struggle for independence by Therese and Jim D’Orsa
  •     Bridging troubled waters: Australia & asylum seekers by Tony Ward
  •      Of labour & liberty: Distributism in Victoria 1891-1966 by Race Mathews


Please consider making a donation to help develop SPC as a strong, independent, and ecumenical voice for social justice. SPC relies entirely on pro bono contributions from writers, helpers and board members, apart from the services of our office coordinator Susy Herlihy.

Finally, warm thanks to our contributors and writers for your contributions to our website, offering valuable perspectives on current affairs. We welcome contributions from others to submit articles or book reviews for consideration.

Kind Regards
Bruce Duncan






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