Cardijn and Human Development

The following address was delivered to the conference, ‘Rediscovering Joseph Cardijn for the new millennium’, at Cardijn College, Adelaide, South Australia, October 9, 2009

By Fr. Bruce Duncan, C.Ss.R. *

Canon Cardijn

Canon Cardijn

Thank you very much for the invitation to join your conference under the inspiration of Canon Cardijn and the whole YCW movement. I very much regret that I am not able to stay for your whole conference and join in your conversation.

Cardijn after being made a cardinalAs we are so well aware, the social and economic context has changed greatly since Cardijn’s day, but I have been wondering what Canon Cardijn would think if he were here today.

I believe he would be in no doubt that your conference comes at a very critical time for the Church and for our country, and he would be surprised at the new challenges that face us.

Click HERE to read a transcript of the tlak.

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