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Editorial by Audra Kunciunas

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For Social Policy Connections, this year was one of development and consolidation. During 2010, SPC made significant progress as an ecumenical advocacy group. Not only did we host a series of very strong speakers on key social issues, and extend our website capability through podcasts and YouTube, but we made some very strategic connections with other organisations.

There are a variety of social justice groups around, so what is different about Social Policy Connections? We see SPC’s role not replicating what other groups are doing, but being a conduit, bringing together like-minded people and organisations, stimulating incisive arguments and thinking among our own members as well as among others with a passion for social justice. Read More

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Human Rights & the NT Intervention

Hon Alastair Nicholson AOHon Alastair Nicholson AO Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia 1988-2004 The Northern Territory Intervention, introduced in 2007, causes great anger, frustration and despondency amongst the majority of Aboriginal people in the NT. The intervention required the suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA). Alastair Nicholson has been at the forefront of fighting to change the legislation to ensure full restoration of the RDA. In his talk, he provided more details about this issue, and how all concerned with Aboriginal wellbeing might respond.Missed the event? Please click HERE to read the full speech.Click HERE to listen to the speech, or subscribe to our audio podcast in Itunes or via RSS.

ICAN but ‘Big Five’ Can’t

Nuclear Non-proliferation Update by Bill Frilay
ICAN StandThe last UN Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference held in May 2010 did not achieve any major breakthrough.

After his Prague speech last year, President Obama encountered well publicised political difficulties back home and, consequently, has had to compromise on his nuclear proposals and reduce the chance of further major US/Russia nuclear weapon reductions under the new START program. The NPT in May also revealed resistance by the ‘Big Five’ (US, Russia, China, UK and France) to take matters forward in any substantial way. So the momentum has slowed. What then is an appropriate strategy for Non-Government Organisations (NGOs)? Read More

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On behalf of SPC’s executive and board, I wish you all a gracious Christmas.
Pax et Bonum, Audra

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Human Rights & the NT Intervention

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Human Rights & the NT Intervention

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