SPC News February 2017. Trump unleashed: our worst fears realised.

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Donald Trump Caricature. DonkeyHotey. flickr cc.

Trump unleashed: our worst fears realised

Shock and dismay are reverberating around the world in response to the actions and speeches of President Trump. Trump risks shattering the network of alliances and institutions of governance which the United States has, in great part, forged since the second World War, the Pax Americana which we can no longer assume is securely in place.

Donald Trump. Matt Johnson. flickr cc.

How do we explain Trump?

Trump’s election victory can be called a ‘revolution’. Like most revolutions, it came as a shock and a surprise to the incumbents.
Tony French considers whether the wave of populism which brought Trump to power is likely to be repeated in Australia.



Donald Trump. Gage Skidmore. flickr cc.

Trump a sideshow?

Richard Butler looks at the implications of President Trump on Australia’s foreign policy, and suggests it’s time for Australia to adopt an increasingly independent stance in international affairs, and particularly to break free of military alliances likely to entangle us in US wars which are not in our national interest.


Multi-Tasking. Drew Kolb. flickr cc.

We can still keep global warming below 2 degrees C, but the hard work is about to start

Writing in The Conversation, Pep Canadell, Corinne le Quéré, and Glen Peters argue that the world might restrain global warming below 2 degrees C with use of clean energy, global declining coal use, and improved energy efficiency.

Abolishing nuclear weapons: step by step, or treaty?

Brian Johnstone writes that the situation regarding nuclear weapons is much more dangerous than it was a few years ago, with Russia and the United States both expanding their militaries, in addition to China of course. Johnstone considers the analysis by William J Perry about the new dangers of nuclear war in his book My journey at the Nuclear Brink.




Struggling for decent housing

Book Review

Housing First, a path to social justice. The story of St Kilda community activism and the Port Phillip Housing Association

By Anne Tuohey & Tony Lintermans

This is a story of new and old residents of St Kilda working together over decades to help shape their suburb into an increasingly socially responsive community, especially for low-income renters threatened with evictions as developers tried to reshape the district for their commercial interests.


SPC Forum

Aid / welfare cannot be a proxy for development

Bill Armstrong AO

Wednesday 22 February 7:30pm

The Yarra Theological Union Study Centre
98 Albion Road Box Hill (best entry 34 Bedford Street)

Download a flyer.

Beginning as a youth worker with the Young Christian Workers’ Movement, Bill Armstrong has participated in many development organisations, including as national coordinator of the Churches’ Action for World Development (AWD). He has been CEO of Australian Volunteers International, president of the Australian Council for International Development, and vice-president of Action Aid Australia (formerly AUSTCARE). He is currently co-chair of Indigenous Community Volunteers, and has a long involvement with Timor Leste.

Serious about social justice?

Consider study at Yarra Theological Union (YTU), or at other colleges within the University of Divinity in Melbourne. Undergraduate to higher degrees. Auditing also possible. YTU units include :

  • Justice & Human  Rights
  • The History of Catholic Social Thought & Movements
  • Equity & Sustainability: Pope Francis & Social Reform
  • Major Issues in Contemporary Moral Theology
  • Comparative Study of Religions
  • Social Teaching & Aboriginal Australians

Contact the Dean of Studies Yarra Theological Union 98 Albion Road Box Hill 3128  |  admin@ytu.edu.au  |  03 9890 3771.

Download the YTU handbook and a list of other University of Divinity colleges.

SPC Videos

Phil Glendenning : #BringThemToAustralia

Edmund Rice Centre Director & Refugee Council President Phil Glendenning discussing the latest in the campaign to #BringThemToAustralia


Rev Tim Costello

Tim Costello speaking at the launch of the book by Anne Tuohey and Tony Lintermans on Housing first, a path to social justice. The story of St Kilda community activism and the Port Phillip Housing Association.



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