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Month Editorial Event
December 2009 Our sources of hope AGMs of Yarra Institute and also SPC
November 2009 Why do asylum seekers panic Australians? SPC’s Annual General Meeting& Future Directions
October 2009 Public Policy and Practical Mysticism Public Forum on Pope Benedict’s Caritas in Veritate
September 2009 Churches urge social action John Langmore on the Global financial Crisis
August 2009 Will we lose this chance to reform our economies? N/A
July 2009 Pope appeals for renewed ethics for the global economy Moral reflections on the Iraq war
June 2009 Religion, politics and conscience N/A
May 2009 Rediscovering the moral dimension Launch of the Yarra Institute for Religion and Social Policy
April 2009 Responding to troubled times N/A
March 2009 Striving for a sustainable future A response to global warming
February 2009 Lessons from the firestorms N/A
January 2009
A new ethic of frugality
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