Bruce Duncan is a priest of the Redemptorist order, who has long advocated setting up an ecumenical network formally independent of the churches but drawing from their rich social traditions to raise an informed Christian voice in policy debates. He studied economics and politics at the University of Sydney. He has lectured in history and social ethics at Yarra Theological Union at Box Hill in Melbourne since 1986.

Peter WhitingPeter Whiting (President). After nearly 30 years in corporate life, filling a diverse range of general management roles, Peter now works part-time as a consultant in business management, leaving time for involvement with a number of community endeavours. Apart from Social Policy Connections, Peter’s main community involvement is on the Board of the Stride Foundation (youth wellbeing).


Danusia Kaska worked as a forensic scientist for 14 years and during holidays in the last ten years volunteered in Thailand and Africa in orphanages. She has been an energetic member of St Vincent de Paul Society since a teenager, and helped set up Vinnies in the West. She has had many roles in the Society, and has represented it at overseas conferences. After 20 years as a volunteer, she began work for the National Council of St VdeP on overseas development, and more recently as State membership manager in Tasmania for two years. She is now soup vans operation manager for Victoria.

Jenny BegentMajor Jenny Begent has been a Salvation Army officer for 28 years, serving in leadership positions in Western Australia, Tasmania, and Victoria. Her main areas of expertise are in homelessness, housing, and family violence. Her interest in family violence is primarily focused on its effects on the family as a unit, and the subsequent challenge for the wider community. Her interests are in social policy, and ensuring that policy reflects the changes required by those experiencing poverty and harm. She currently provides oversight to Community & Social Services within the greater Melbourne area.

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