Action for a fair world. Pope Francis’s campaign on climate, poverty, and inequality.

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A 12-week unit at Yarra Theological College (YTU) Box Hill, offered by Dr Bruce Duncan CSsR.

Mondays 6pm from 9 July

Pope Francis has been calling for us urgently to address social problems of extreme poverty, inequality, and threats from global warming.

This unit examines the responses of Pope Francis and other leaders to recent economic crises and extreme free-market views, often termed neoliberalism. The unit reviews world development efforts, especially the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and debates about growth and sustainability. It also considers aspects of trade, aid, and debt, as well as how to eliminate hunger, increase food production, and manage population growth.

You can enrol for this unit for accreditation or audit. See the YTU Handbook, or contact the Registrar at 03 9890 3771 |

For awards, courses, and units available within the University of Divinity, go to

Pope Francis addresses the seventieth session of the UN General Assembly 2015.

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