by Bruce Duncan CSsR
Source: The Japan Mission Journal, (Spring 2006), 38-48.

African Mother and childSome observers have been keenly disappointed with the October 2005 Synod of Bishops in Rome, particularly in that it missed the opportunity to issue a resounding call to tackle the great problems of world hunger and poverty. Many bishops did speak strongly on these issues, as is summarized in the final Synod document, but there were sharp differences with those arguing for a return to ‘traditional devotional practices. This was deeply disconcerting and frustrating to those bishops alarmed about the desperate struggle against poverty and” hunger in many countries. Many people expected that the Syrrod would have taken up urgently themes relating to the UN Millennium Development Goals, since millions of lives hang in the balance. Yet there seemed to be little real engagement with this unprecedented global effort, which is surely one of the most significant and hopeful signs of our times.

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Photo:”United Nations Photo” flickr, CC

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