The following address was delivered to the conference, ‘Rediscovering Joseph Cardijn for the new millennium’, at Cardijn College, Adelaide, South Australia, October 9, 2009

By Fr. Bruce Duncan, C.Ss.R. *

Canon Cardijn
Canon Cardijn

Thank you very much for the invitation to join your conference under the inspiration of Canon Cardijn and the whole YCW movement. I very much regret that I am not able to stay for your whole conference and join in your conversation.

Cardijn after being made a cardinalAs we are so well aware, the social and economic context has changed greatly since Cardijn’s day, but I have been wondering what Canon Cardijn would think if he were here today.

I believe he would be in no doubt that your conference comes at a very critical time for the Church and for our country, and he would be surprised at the new challenges that face us.

Click HERE to read a transcript of the tlak.

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