Joseph E Stiglitz et al, The Stiglitz Report: Reforming the International Monetary and Financial Systems in the Wake of the Global Financial Crisis (New York: Free Press, 2010) pp. xxxii + 204.

Joseph E StiglitzJoseph Stiglitz has emerged as one of the foremost economists today and in this 2010 Report has detailed what needs to be done to reform the international architecture of economic institutions to advance better social outcomes, social equity and sustainability.

In 2008, the president of the UN General Assembly, Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann, asked  Stiglitz to chair a Commission of Experts on the global economy, and particularly to advise the June 2010 UN Summit on how to address the problems arising from the global financial crisis, the threat from climate change and the challenge of world development. This book is the outcome of their deliberations.

Click HERE to read the full review (Feb. 2011) by Bruce Duncan.

Photo: WEF-  flickr CC

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