Brian Lawrence, Chair, Australian Catholic Council of Employment Relations.

Brian Lawrence, Chair of the Australian Catholic Council of Employment Relations

Brian Lawrence spoke to an audience of SPC members and friends on Wednesday 14 March 2012. He detailed the state of current wages policy, particularly tracking the conditions experienced by the low-waged. For the full text of his address, click HERE.

Click HERE to hear Brian discussing these topics on ABC Radio National’s Religion & Ethics program on 14 March.

For over a decade, Brian has made submissions on behalf of the Australian Catholic Council for Employment Relations to the annual wage reviews of Fair Work Australia and its predecessors. His latest submission to the Annual Wage Review 2011-2012 covers many issues, including social inclusion, poverty, decent wages, and the deficits of current safety-net wages, as well as proposing a number of recommendations for reform.

Click HERE to read the full text of this submission.

Click HERE for Brian Lawrence’s May 2011 address to the Vatican Conference on the 50th Anniversary of Mater et Magistra, ‘Applying Catholic Doctrine on Minimum Wages in the Context of Globalization: The Australian Experience’.


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