The best of worlds,or the worst of worlds?

Editorial by Bruce Duncan

How are we to interpret the disillusionment of voters, an unprecedented number of informal votes, the swing of many, especially Labor voters, to the Greens, and the rise of Independents in a hung parliament?

Many Australians were appalled at the standard of policy debate during the election, and shocked at the collapse of both major parties into populist pandering, apparently aimed at the marginal seats in western Sydney and elsewhere. Read More

Photo: Alex Seeker, flickr CC

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Professor John Warhurst‘Religion, politics and social issues in the 2010 election’

On 4 August, Prof John Warhurst spoke about religion and politics in Australian federal election campaigns, with special reference to 2010 and to social issues. John is Adjunct Professor of Political Science at Australian National University, and is often asked to comment about Australian politics by the media. See or listen

Cas Colman‘What now for asylum seekers?’

On 12 August, Caz Coleman talked about much more humane policies for processing asylum seekers in other western countries. Caz is Director of the Hotham Mission Asylum Seeker Project. See or listen

Landmark Work for Educators

Congratulations to Drs Jim and Therese D’Orsa for their latest book,
Explorers, Guides and Meaning-makers: Mission Theology for Catholic Educators
“…is truly a landmark work…a masterful overview on such important topics as culture, inculturation, globalisation and evangelisation.” Dr Stephen Bevan SVD
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Show your support for theMillennium Development Goals

UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals 20-22 September
The UN campaign to reduce poverty and hunger through the MDG is in trouble. Visit End Poverty

Make a Noise for the MDGs from 17-19 September. When world leaders gather at the United Nations for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Review Summit in September, the voices of their citizens will follow them, telling them, loudly and clearly: “We will no longer stay seated or silent in the face of poverty and the broken promises to end it!” Visit Stand Up

Micah Challenge is helping churches mobilise support for the MDGs. We urge SPC members to contact their political representatives about this campaign. Visit Micah Challenge

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Asylum seekers and public policy
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Cas Coleman

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