By Kevin Peoples.

Melbourne John Garrattt Publishing 2012.

Bruce Duncan at Albert Park 29 April 2012.

santamaria's salesman kevin peoples

Kevin Peoples has written a truly remarkable book, shedding light on one of the most perplexing periods in our nation’s short history and on its religious and social movements. Kevin writes that in his youth he was “prone to reckless sacrificial acts”, “drawn to lost causes and heroic stands” (p26). At times, he may have felt that writing this book was another sad case of lost causes, but I would like to assure him that this is a really splendid contribution to understanding our past and who we are today.

Kevin began writing as a way of sharing his story with his family, but the account grew and grew over time into a larger work than we have now, full of wonderful stories and anecdotes about characters he met along the way. Much of this social history has been trimmed back, but I hope Kevin might recover it to publish elsewhere.

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