Kevin PeoplesIn a lucid talk, Kevin Peoples spoke on his 2012 book about working as a fund-raiser for the National Catholic Rural Movement and his disillusionment with Bob Santamaria’s use of its people and money. Strongly committed to the YCW emphasis on personal formation and independent social responsibility,  Kevin tells of the events that led up to the breach with Santamaria over his authoritarian control of the NCRM. The book captures the atmosphere of Catholic and rural life at the time, with delightful pen-pictures of characters he met along the way.

For Bruce Duncan’s address at the  launch of Kevin Peoples Santamaria’s Salesman: Working for the National Catholic Rural Movement 1959-1961 click HERE.

For the podcast of Kevin’s talk at Social Policy Connections on 20 June, click HERE , to listen to a Q & A with Kevin please click HERE.

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