SPC Newsletter July 2012. Looking for solutions in seeking asylum in Australia.

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Looking for solutions in seeking asylum in Australia

By Anne Tuohey

Asylum SeekersThe human tragedy of so many asylum seekers drowning as they make their treacherous journey to Australia continues to be a scourge on our collective conscience. Many Australians have lobbied the government – indeed the parliament – to embrace a compassionate response to asylum seekers, whose desperation drives them to take these dangerous journeys.

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Photo Offshore winds on the SS Gairloch shipwreck by dcysurfer/Dave Young, flickr cc

SPC Forums

Dr Race Matthews: Cooperatives, social equity, & participation

Wednesday 25 July 2012 7:30pm

The Study Centre, Yarra Theological Union, 34 Bedford Street, Box Hill. Entry by donation. Tea/coffee and nibbles available.

A prolific writer on cooperatives and how they might contribute to improved economic life in Australia, Dr Race Matthews has studied what we could learn from one of the phenomenal cooperatives at Mondragon in Spain, particularly in developing enterprises which enhance equity and participation.

Click HERE for a flyer for this event.

Coming in August

Dr Philip Mendes: Australia’s income security system and the abandonment of equity

Could you live on the $35 a day provided by NewStart?

Kevin Peoples’ account of the Catholic Rural Movement

By Anne Tuohey

Kevin Peoples and the Catholic Rural MovementKevin Peoples knew he had a fascinating story to tell that would provide a personal first-hand insight into the world of the National Catholic Rural Movement and Bob Santamaria. Kevin spent 6 years writing Santamaria’s Salesman: Working for the National Catholic Rural Movement 1959-1961. Those who braved a particularly cold June evening to hear Kevin speak were rewarded with a fascinating story. He interwove aspects of the history and purpose of the movement with his own perspective on growing up Catholic in the 1950s in a small country town.

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Books available from SPC

Santamaria’s Salesman: Working for the National Catholic

Rural Movement 1959-1961

By Kevin Peoples

Special discount $40 plus postage.

Sufficient for the Day: Towards a Sustainable Culture

By Geoff Lacey

$20 plus postage

Towards a Better World

By Arthur Gibbs (an SPC member who worked as an economist)

$15 plus postage

Network Events

Leaving refugees in limbo

Public meeting held by Refugee Action Collective (Vic)

Wednesday 11 July 6:30pm

The Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

refugeeactioncollective@gmail.com, or Chris 0403 013 183

Speakers Declan Murphy (Refugee Action Collective), Niromi de Soyza (Author Tamil Tigress), Harvey Stern (President Labor for Refugees), Brian Walters SC (human rights lawyer).

This public meeting will discuss indefinite detention for refugees, and call for their release into the community.

Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez (President Caritas Internationalis) with Fr Frank Brennan

Indigenous peoples of the world

Sunday 19 August 5pm

Newman College, 887 Swanston Street, Parkville.

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The podcast of Kevin Peoples’ talk at SPC 20 June on his book Santamaria’s Salesman: Working for the National Catholic Rural Movement 1959-1961. Click HERE.

Bill Frilay on US drones – are they ethical? Click HERE.

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Santamaria’s Salesman: Working for the National Catholic Rural Movement 1959-1961
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Kevin Peoples
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