SPC’s recommendations on housing.

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By Anne Tuohey. public housing

Social Policy Connections has provided a response to the Victorian Government’s public consultation process to inform new directions for social housing outlined in its Pathways to a fair & sustainable social housing system, and Social housing: a discussion paper on the options to improve the supply of quality housing.

The adequacy, affordability, and supply of housing remain a significant social and economic issue for Victoria, as indeed for Australia’s other States and Territories. The issue has been the subject of recent Parliamentary Inquiries and reports from the Auditor General, and is the subject of regular media commentary and research. Social Policy Connections acknowledges that there are no easy answers to the issue of an under-supply and lack of affordability, seeing many Victorians going without a basic human right. The challenge is amplified, given the current State Government’s focus on debt reduction and a somewhat narrow interpretation of the meaning of growing an economy.

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CLICK here to read SPC’s submission in response to the Victorian Housing Enqiry 2012.

Photo 44 Clarendon Square (1960s deck access flats) by lydia_shiningbrightly, flickrcc
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