The Federal election: Is this the best we can do?
Editorial by Bruce Duncan
So dismayed are many people at the performance of leading politicians and their parties that numbers of people are saying that for the first time they do not know for whom to vote. These people are looking to make a protest vote.
Commentators have termed this election a ‘race to the bottom’, especially in relation to immigration, population and asylum seekers, as well as the critical areas of climate change and the environment.  Some great global issues and Australia’s role in tackling global hunger and poverty rate barely a mention.Read More
Photo: Meanest Indian, flickr CC

Religion, politics & social issues in the 2010 election

Presented by Prof John Warhurst

John Warhurst will be speaking about religion and politics in Australian federal election campaigns, with special reference to 2010 and to social issues.
Wednesday 4 August, 8pm
Study Centre, Yarra Theological Union,
98 Albion Rd., Box Hill.
Best entry via 34 Bedford St.

Click HERE for directions. Contacts:
SPC: 0432 991 085,
Entry by donation. Tea and coffee available afterwards

What now for asylum seekers?
Presented by Ms Caz Coleman

Caz Coleman, Director of the Hotham Mission Asylum Seeker Project, has examined much more humane policies for processing asylum seekers in other western countries, and has lobbied the Australian government. Caz will discuss alternatives to current ways of receiving asylum seekers
Thursday 12 August, 8pm

Feedback from members on pollies?
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