By Bruce Duncan.

At a public forum following SPC’s 7th Annual General Meeting on 21 November 2012, Bruce Duncan CssR spoke on Faith, values and social policy, how faith perspectives bore on values in society and could help shape social policies  to address major issues of equity, social justice and climate change.

He began :

“Our topic is a complex one, reflecting themes deep in our history over many hundreds of years. The issues were often contentious, dealing with the role of religious groups in society, particularly the churches, their views about human values and their relationships with civil society, governments and debates over social policy.

“The cultural accommodation to these various pressures in our increasingly secular societies has been to pressure religiously inspired voices out of the public forum, and to privatise their views and activities. But many religious traditions resist this pressure, and claim a right to engage in the public forum in debates about values and social policies in general. Social Policy Connections is one such group that seeks to draw from our faith traditions’ core values to enhance people’s lives and to help address social issues.

“SPC seeks to widen the conversation about these issues, recognising that religious or philosophical beliefs do not readily translate into detailed social programs. Much less can we simply lift texts from the Scriptures out of their original context and impose them on contemporary situations. We are not biblical fundamentalists, but seek to identify the enduring values from the Scriptures that can help us find better ways or policies to sustain or promote human wellbeing today.”

To read the full text of this talk, click HERE.

SPC Audio Podcast

Video from the event

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