Further warnings on climate change at the end of 2012

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By Bill Frilay

It may be appropriate to take stock on where we are with this issue that Kevin Rudd described as the greatest moral challenge of our time (and which he subsequently ditched!).

We now have a carbon tax. It is impacting and will continue to impact significantly or substantially (depending on your definition) on our electricity and gas prices – as it is meant to do. After all, the idea is to change behaviours and reduce hydrocarbon emissions. But it is not likely to impact to a great extent on non-energy products; on these, the effect is indirect and diluted. The carbon tax is an interim solution to 2015, when it is planned to switch to an emissions trading scheme which would operate within and across borders (ie a company could buy and sell emissions certificates internationally). The Government recently passed legislation to put a floor on the price at which these emissions can be traded after 2015.

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Photo Climate Change (Con?) by Crowcombe AI, flickr cc
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