By Geoff Lacey

The need for alternative economics

In recent years, I have taken part in a lot of discussions about sustainability. I have found that many people agree we must work towards a profound transformation in our culture and in its patterns of production and consumption if we are to find a way out of the present environmental crisis. People then raise one particular urgent question: can there be a different kind of economy that will be sustainable, and will it work?

The failure of current economics

Our patterns of consumption within the present economic system cannot be sustained. The impacts of global warming include, for example, the melting of Arctic sea ice. Yet the very industries that played a major role in causing this now see it as a source of profit through access to new resources. The further extraction will in turn increase global warming and its effects. Such is the way that our current system works.

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Photo Global Markets' Meltdown by MyEyeSees, flickr cc.


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