A plea for moral leadership in Australian politics

Editorial by Bruce Duncan
Many people have been shocked and dismayed by the sudden shift in policies by the Rudd government, particularly in relation to asylum seekers and its abandonment of the Emissions Trading Scheme legislation, which could have provided the trigger for a double dissolution.
The reason for the federal government ditching some key campaign issues against the Howard government was not far to see. The opinion polls were indicating that the Coalition parties had narrowed the gap from Labor, and now had a real chance of winning the next election, which probably will be held before November.

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Dr Karamaga: New Hope for Africa
Podcast now available

In association with Act for Peace, the aid agency of the National Council of Churches in Australia, SPC on 17 April hosted one of the leading church advocates for peace, development and addressing climate change in Africa, Revd Dr Andre Karamaga. 
He is General Secretary of the All Africa Conference of Churches which comprises 173 churches and Christian organisations from 40 African countries, with 120 million adherents.
A Presbyterian theologian from Ruanda, Dr Karamaga highlighted the importance of the church as a peace-keeper in Africa and nurturing reconciliation among its peoples. He spoke out of his personal experience as a Rwandan leader who lost family members in the genocide. Please click HERE to listen to a podcast of this event. Please click HERE if you would like to subscribe to our podcast in itunes.

Additions to the SPC website

Among our new articles, we especially welcome the contribution from Jenny Donovan, a director of Melbourne-based urban design and town planning practice, David Lock Associates. Her article, “Designing the compassionate city”, opens up fresh thinking on how to make our cities more liveable. She has worked in post-conflict situations overseas, and shows how urban design can aid civil reconciliation.

Other new articles on our website include Brian Lewis continuing his series on thinking morally, with “Does Christian faith make a difference to morality”.
Bill Frilay keeps his eye on the negotiations about reducing nuclear weapons with his May update. ICAN’s Dimity Hawkins also is reporting from the NPT Review Conference in New York 3-28 May. And Len Puglisi has opened up the debate about housing and population in Australia. www.socialpolicyconnections.org.au

Petition on NT legislation

< style=”text-align: left;”>Editorial by Bruce Duncan

Help reinstate an unrestricted Racial Discrimination Act in the NT, as expressed through the consultation meetings with Aboriginal communities in mid-2009, and reported on our SPC website by “concerned Australians”.Please read/sign the petition to the UN Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination at:http://www.gopetition.com.au/online/35341.html and share your concerns on our forum
The Native Title Amendment Bill (No.2) 2009 is to be presented in federal parliament on 12 May
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