By Jamie Pearce.

pope francis waving cropped resized 342What will Jorge Mario Bergoglio, elected Pope Francis on 13 March, bring as the 266th Bishop of Rome? Others might be wondering just what Justin Welby, installed as Archbishop of Canterbury on 21 March, will bring as the 105th occupant of the Chair of Saint Augustine. To read this article in full, click HERE.

Photo His Holiness Pope Francis by Christus Vincent, flickr cc.

SPC Forum

Emeritus Bishop Pat Power

What I have learned about the churches & public policy

Wednesday 17 April 7:30pm
Held at the Study Centre, Yarra Theological Union, 34 Bedford Street, Box Hill
Tea/coffee and snacks provided afterwards.

What has the Iraq war taught us?

By Bruce Duncan

soldier peace sign cropped resized 342The tenth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq fell on 19 March, but one wonders if we have learned the lessons from that war. To mark the anniversary in Iraq, a bomb killed 50 people and wounded many more. For a country of 24.6 million in 2003 (31 million in 2012), the constant random killing and violence seem endless. We know now, of course, that the two major pretexts for the invasion were at least erroneous, if not outright lies: that Iraq was intent on building weapons of mass destruction, particularly nuclear ones, and that it was implicated in the terrorist attacks on the United States. To read this article in full, click HERE.

Photo by Jayel Aheram, flickr cc.

Afghanistan – what should we do?

By Bill Frilay

Enduring FreedomAfghanistan has been described as ‘the graveyard of empires’. The British suffered defeats there before reaching agreement on the border between India and Afghanistan during the great empire game with Russia in the 19^th century. The former Soviet Union, too, had its nose well and truly bloodied when it invaded and occupied in 1979-88. The country is made up of tribal regions – only in 1747 did a leader of the Pushtun form a confederacy, and not until the 1830s did it take on the appearance of a single nation. Yet violence seems endemic; a hostile geographical environment hinders communications; the climate is very harsh; and above all there seems a fierceness in the people who defend their lands. It is traditionally peopled by regional tribes headed by warlords. Read this article by Bill Frilay on our website, or click HERE.

Photo courtesy San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives, flickr cc.

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NEW! Social Justice: Fuller life in a fairer world 
By Bruce Duncan

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Outlines social justice in the Scriptures, how later generations lived these values, and issues today of the economic crisis, equity, global poverty, hunger, climate change, peace, and indigenous issues. It highlights the contributions of Frederick Ozanam, Barbara Ward, Rosemary Goldie, Helder Camara, Joseph Cardijn, and Aboriginal activist ‘Mum Shirl’.

Sufficient for the Day: Towards a Sustainable Culture

By Geoff Lacey. $20 plus postage.
“Geoff Lacey has something new and important to say about the roots of the environmental crisis and the way forward. His combination of deep reflection and practical attention to problems provides a much-needed corrective to a sustainability debate dominated by narrow economic perspectives.” Paul Mees, Senior Lecturer in Planning at RMIT.

Towards a Better World

By Arthur Gibbs. $15 plus postage.
An SPC member, Arthur worked as an economist. “Towards a Better World is a cautionary tale of what can happen when world leaders and corporations jump on an ideological bandwagon with little reflection about the long-term consequences for all.” Anne Tuohey.


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