Tony French

finance mccain speech 342On Saturday afternoons, I take to my couch. Not for a siesta, but to seek. Laden with the weekend editions of the Age and Australian newspapers, I try, you see, to make some sort of sense of the week’s events, hoping to arrive at a consensus between their competing commentaries. More and more, I find there’s a lot more writing in the Australian, decreasingly and depressingly so in the Age. It is correspondingly becoming increasingly arduous to reach a balanced view. At times, quantity can tend to overwhelm the reader and his opinions.

But what caught my attention was a report in the Australian (Saturday 6 April) of a speech Rupert Murdoch had given to the Institute of Public Affairs on 4 April 2013. A conservative ‘think tank’, the IPA was celebrating its 70th anniversary, and Rupert was its guest speaker. The report, startlingly captioned Markets Radiate Morality, was juxtaposed with an equally eye-catching photograph of the patrician publisher himself. Nothing at all about the IPA’s anniversary or Rupert’s speech was reported in the Age, thereby vindicating the morality of my even-handed purchase of both papers.

To read this article in full, click HERE.

Photo McCain speech on economic crisis 9/19/08 by mattlehrer, flickr cc.
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