Brian Howe Bio_optWith Professor Brian Howe and Ged Kearney, President of the ACTU.

For many, work is ever less secure, with fluctuating hours and pay, making it difficult for people to plan their lives, or even to obtain a loan for a home or a car. How can we reshape work to provide improved life opportunities for people at work, with increased equity, participation in decision-making, and security?

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A Forum of Social Policy Connections

Tuesday 28 May

Professor Brian Howe

University of Melbourne Centre for Public Policy

Professor Howe was Deputy Prime Minister of Australia (1991-1995), a member of the Federal Cabinet (1984-1996), and held a range of Ministerial portfolios in the fields of Defence, Social Security, Health, Housing, and Community Services. His administration of these portfolios was distinguished by major policy initiatives in Social Security reform of family payments, and the introduction of Child Support, the National Mental Health Strategy, and the Commonwealth Dental Scheme. He was also responsible for important Commonwealth State initiatives such as the Commonwealth State Disability Agreement and the Building Better Cities program.

Ged Kearney

President of the ACTU

gkearney cropped 342Elected President of the ACTU in 2010, Ged (Gerardine) Kearney was a registered nurse before becoming manager of the Clinical Nursing Education Department at Austin Health. In 2008, she was elected Federal Secretary of the Australian Nursing Federation, with its 200,000 members. She believes that unions should not be concerned only with experience at work, but with improving the lives of all Australians. She grew up in Richmond, the second youngest of nine, and has four children of her own aged from 16 to 23.

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