Antics or ethics in election campaigns

Editorial by Paul Rule

Members of SPC will certainly be aware that 2010 is an election year. Already we have seen many symptoms of election mania on the part of both government and opposition. Three prime examples are policies regarding health, climate change and asylum seekers. In all these crucial areas discussion is polarised and sound bites have replaced serious argument. It does not augur well for the campaign.
It is here that an organisation like SPC can make a contribution. We can through meetings, our website and our networking help to bring basic Christian values and evolving social thinking to bear on the political debate as well as informing voters of what is at stake.
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New Hope for Africa:

the churches’ role in peacemaking,
development & tackling climate change

Revd Dr Andre KaramagaSPC and Act for Peace, the international aid agency of the National Council of Churches in Australia, invite you to hear Revd Dr Andre Karamaga, General Secretary of the All African Conference of Churches, speak on
New Hope for Africa:
the churches’ role in peacemaking,
development & tackling climate change
Saturday 17 April 10am – noon
Study Centre, Yarra Theological Union,98 Albion Rd., Box Hill. Best entry via 34 Bedford St.
Click HERE for directions. 
Contacts: SPC: 0432 991 085,;
Act for Peace: 1800 025 101,

Take Action

SPC is in the process of forming working groups to research, write, advise and advocate in various areas. If you have expertise in a particular area and would like to join others in an effort to help shape public policy, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact one of us at the SPC office in Box Hill so we can talk further.
Beside the priority matters above, areas of special interest to our members include disarmament and peace issues; housing and city planning; aid and development; and ethics in economics.
If you can help in other ways, we would welcome the chance to talk further. Of course, we could do much more with good financial support, but most of what we do is with generous pro bono services.

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