Social Policy Connections draws on the rich resources of the Christian social traditions, and works to bring them into creative engagement with contemporary challenges to human wellbeing.

SPC offers a forum in which to help develop a renewed vision of a just Australia, and to invite into the public arena voices informed by Christian social values. An independent organisation, SPC can often advance its views on contested issues more freely and directly than can church leaders themselves.

Many Australians find their sense of social responsibility affirmed and enhanced by the values of the Gospel, especially when it comes to concern for the disadvantaged and distressed. The churches have long emphasised such social responsibility and genuine care for others. They have developed their social views in terms of human rights, social equity and equality of opportunity, and the fostering of societies that support the flourishing of all their people, but especially of those who are disadvantaged.

The imperative to strive for social justice  expresses one of the core elements of Christian belief. The word ‘solidarity’ captures the sense of determination and commitment needed if we are to succeed in reshaping our world with increased peace and justice.

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We believe:

  • We must improve our use of our human and moral – as well as financial – resources to secure a peaceful and equitable world.
  • Australia – and our world – urgently needs a rich public philosophy in which economic efficiency truly serves human wellbeing.
  • Christian social scholarship has much to contribute to fresh visions of how we can work together in a globalising world.
  • Young people – crucial to the struggle for global justice and peace – must be heard and significantly involved in improving social policies.
  • To build lasting peace in a globalising world will require close collaboration between the great religions in helping secure basic human rights, social justice and equity for all.


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