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As an independent organisation, Social Policy Connections endeavours to engage in social and political debates, drawing strongly from the insight and expertise of the Christian social traditions. SPC is a non-profit organisation but does not have DGR tax deductible status, and relies on your financial generosity to contribute to the public conversation on urgent issues today.

SPC is working to foster this conversation, particularly by bringing issues into focus through the lens of Gospel values and concern for universal human wellbeing. At a time when many leading thinkers are decrying the moral vacuum at the core of the financial crisis, we need to help reshape our values and civilisation.

Help us broaden the conversation about how to do this. Though we at SPC are a small network, it is the quality of our ideas and thinking that can make a difference. To do more, we need your financial support.

Please download our SPC Donation Form and post to

Social Policy Connections
PO Box 505
Box Hill VIC 3128

Other ways to contribute

Join us as a volunteer

Social Policy Connections warmly welcomes the contributions of volunteers with their special skills. As the work of SPC expands, we will be looking for people to help on committees, in research and publications, administration, IT, media liaison and fund-raising. If you think you may have a contribution to make, please contact us at our office.

Make a Bequest

Let your contribution live on after you.

Most of us want to leave this world a better place for our being here. As we grow older, we may sometimes wonder how to hand on the torch of love and concern to the new generations, and particularly to ensure a just and peaceful future for those in poverty and distress. Making a bequest can ensure your aspirations and hopes will endure after you. If you wish to make a lasting contribution in the struggle for a more just and peaceful world, please consider Social Policy Connections in your will. For more information, click here.


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