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John Cain Foundation Inaugural Conference

Saturday 21 March 10am to 5pm

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Maurice Glasman British Labour MP


Nick Dyrenfurth, historian and author

John Langmore, former Director UN Division of Social Policy, and Professorial Fellow at Melbourne University

Professor Janet McCalman, Centre for Health & Society, Melbourne School of Population & Global Health, Melbourne University

George Wright, ALP National Secretary

Panel discussion hosted by Maxine McKew, journalist & author

University of Melbourne Faculty of Economics & Business
Building 105 Ground Floor 111 Barry Street Carlton

Full price $100, concession $50. Book here.

Maurice Glasman is a senior lecturer in Political Theory at London Metropolitan University, and Director of its Faith & Citizenship Programme. His research interests “focus on the relationship between citizenship and faith and the limits of the market”. He coined the term ‘Blue Labour’ in 2009, which he defined as a small-c conservative form of socialism which advocates a return to what he believed were the roots of the pre-1945 Labour Party, by encouraging the political involvement of voluntary groups from trade unions through churches to football clubs.

Jewish by faith, he is an occasional contributor to newspapers and journals, and frequently speaks at conferences linking social values, religious traditions, and labour reform movements around the notion of work for the common good. His writings include Unnecessary Suffering: Managing Market Utopia (London: Verso, 1996), which draws on the work of Karl Polanyi in support of solidarity and human rights, looking especially to the labour movement and the Catholic Church in West Germany, which defended democracy in the workplace and reined back the savageries of capitalism. He is also a Labour life peer in the House of Lords.



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