Social Policy Connections operates with a board of governance elected  by members and committed to ensuring the organisation:

  • Embodies the values of the Christian social thinking which inspire us
  • Acts  in a manner compliant with high legal, social and fiduciary standards
  • Is both environmentally aware and socially responsible
  • Works collaboratively with other complementary organisations while respecting their independence
  • communicates transparently with stakeholder groups concerning its finances and operations.

A small executive and support staff are envisaged  to ensure that SPC becomes increasingly a voice in public debate and policy development, and a catalyst for other organisations in their endeavours to champion Christian values and concerns in the public forum.

The task of SPC involves ‘strategic alliance building’ and to this end it first focuses on:

  • Identifying agencies and organisations which display aligned values, directions or activities
  • Developing the ‘Case for co-operation – partners in social justice’, adding value through partnerships
  • Identifying key areas of endeavour
  • Developing alliance projects

A key component of success is to secure major donor support from individuals and organisations that are  not party-politically aligned, that meet appropriate ethical standards and that can provide financial or other resources for the work of SPC.

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