Social Policy ConnectionsSocial Policy Connections is an independent, ecumenical organisation, motivated and informed by Christian social thinking.  Our purpose is to expand awareness of social justice issues in Australia and overseas, and to influence public policy for the benefit of all people, especially the most disadvantaged. SPC is not aligned with any political party.

To help bring the social involvements of the churches into contemporary policy debates and shape a more just society, Social Policy Connections is committed to inform, advocate and engage.


  • Provide new platforms for informed debate and conversation through the web, conferences, public events and publications
  • Convene open forums for fresh voices, especially those with singular expertise or experience.


  • Build relationships with politicians and opinion makers, the media, and like-minded organisations.
  • Publish research papers, opinion pieces and social comment.
  • Utilise the print media, along with radio and electronic media, including the internet.


  • Establish networks and alliances with concerned people, social agencies and organisations, churches and church agencies.
  • Develop our communication links with SPC members.


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