There are several ways in which you can contribute to Social Policy Connections. If you would like to meet with an SPC board member to discuss how you can engage further in social policy advocacy, please feel free to contact us. Listed below are some of the ways you can become more involved:


Help us broaden the conversation. Though we at SPC are a small network, it is the quality of our ideas and thinking that can make a difference. To do more, we need your financial support.

Please download our SPC Donation Form, and post to :

Social Policy Connections
PO Box 505
Box Hill
Victoria 3128

Become a member or renew your membership

Become actively involved and help to shape our policies and activities through membership of Social Policy Connections.

Apply to become an SPC member

Renew your existing SPC membership

Join us as a volunteer

Social Policy Connections warmly welcomes the contributions of volunteers with their special skills. As the work of SPC expands, we welcome people to help on committees, in research and publications, administration, IT, media liaison, and fundraising. If you think you may have a contribution to make, we would be pleased to talk with you.

Forge a corporate partnership

Social Policy Connections recognises the contribution and expertise of people in the corporate world and business. We especially value the skills and practical knowhow of people in the business community who wish to foster relationships that help bring about improved living conditions for others in Australia and overseas. At SPC, we welcome workplace giving, pro-bono support, the sharing of expertise, and volunteering, as well as financial and in-kind support. We would be pleased to talk with you about how to develop such a partnership. Contact us.

SPC values the contributions of large companies and small firms; through partnerships and a range of ways, they can help reshape our nation’s thinking and our future.

Nevertheless, we will avoid, as much as we reasonably can, seeking support from companies in which the main activity:

  • harms human dignity or human rights
  • employs discriminatory work practices
  • is involved in the arms industry
  • causes significant damage to the environment
  • promotes or profits from gambling
  • is involved in the tobacco industry or related products.

We of course recognise that Social Policy Connections is under an ethical responsibility to make good use of the donations it receives.

Read about SPC’s policy on corporate partnerships.

Social Justice Studies

The Yarra Institute shares responsibility with Yarra Theological Union for coordinating the program of social justice units and degrees offered by YTU in association with the MCD University of Divinity.

Students can take individual units in social justice or as part of the Bachelor of Theology degree, or can specialise in various social justice degrees, ranging from the one-year MCD Diploma in Social Justice Studies, or the longer Master of Arts concentrating on social justice units.

A full list of the subjects offered can be found in the YTU handbook. Units may vary from year to year.


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