Canberra War Memorial. Photo Georgie Sharp, flick cc

Saturday 19 May, 3pm

Rod Quantock will open the exhibition at Steps Art Gallery, 62 Lygon St., Carlton.

All proceeds will go to the International Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) and the Victorian Branch of the Medical Association for Prevention of War.

The exhibition will include works by Michael Leunig, Arthur Boyd, Polly Body, Lyn Nichols, John Wolsley, Fiona Murphy, Sean Murphy, Jeff Raglus, Terry Denton, First Dog on the Moon, Kathleen McCann, Sheila Dixon Nungarayi, Peter Rosson, Jiri Tibor Novak, Bill Kelly, Ceci Cairns, Ben Laycock, Lyn Hovey, John Nicholson, Dawn Robinson, Rachel Joy, Tom Civil, Jessie Boylan, Pam Debenham and many more impressive artists.

Works include painting, printmaking, drawing, ceramics, photography, sculpture, and even furniture. 



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