Ross Garnaut lecture series on energy transition.

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Professor Ross Garnaut.
Photo The Conversation.

Prof Ross Garnaut delivers a six-part seminar series on the challenges and opportunities of energy transition in Australia. The seminars (also available by webinar) will build the case for energy transition, calling on knowledge of climate science and studies of the economic benefits of mitigation.

A sectoral analysis, covering in particular the electricity sector, transport and industry, and agriculture, will draw out the economics of technological innovation, the falling costs of renewable energy, and the capacity for sequestration in the land, with insight into the role of the mineral sector in strengthening Australia’s position in a low-carbon economy.

Bookings and recordings on the University of Melbourne website.

The seminar series will be published as a book, available later in the year. Find out about the book, and pre-order a copy.

For information | 03 9035 3641

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