Micah Challenge & the UN Millennium Development Goals: what has been achieved and what more can we do?

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Rev Joel Edwards Rev Joel Edwards – incoming Director of Micah Challenge International – spoke on Micah Challenge and the UN Millennium Development Goals at SPC’s first event in the new Study Centre of Yarra Theological Union On 16 October 2008.

Micah Challenge International is the international campaign by churches to mobilise public support to lift millions out of hunger and acute poverty.

Rev Edwards, who is also a member of the UK Equality and Human Rights Commission and Tony Blair’s Faith Foundation, was born in Jamaica and has lived in England from the age of eight. From 1997 till recently he headed the World Evangelical Alliance.

Fr Bruce Duncan, one of the founders of Social Policy Connections, said that Rev Edwards had played an outstanding role supporting the campaign to eliminate hunger, including his contact with British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and other leaders at UN conferences.

Fr Duncan added: “Eliminating hunger could be compared with the abolition of slavery as a defining moment in world history. Leading economists say it is possible. And if so, it is morally obligatory for us. Social Policy Connections is committed to pursuing these and other matters to improve human wellbeing here and overseas.”

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