Reflections on the adventures of Frank Mount

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A review by Kevin Peoples of Frank Mount’s book, Wrestling with Asia: A Memoir

Astonishing account of Santamaria organisations in South-East Asia

Frank Mount’s account of working for B A Santamaria in Asia will surprise many people greatly by the extent and influence of this anti-communist network. In Wrestling with Asia: A Memoir (Connor Court Publishing 2012), Mount records his activity organising the ‘Pacific Institute’, involving influential figures in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the Philippines, as well as with important  Church people. Mount writes that Santamaria cooperated closely with Brigadier Ted Serong, Australia’s military commander in Vietnam and creator of the Phoenix program of assassinations, who also became director of Santamaria’s Pacific Institute in Vietnam. Santamaria was advising Serong about seeking money to fund the Nhan-Xa Party in Vietnam, trying to tap into funds from the Catholic charitable collection in Australia, Project Compassion. After returning to Australia, Mount later broke with Santamaria, because he was embarrassed by Santamaria’s economic views. Mount’s book helps fill crucial gaps in the Santamaria story.

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