Bill Frilay

child innoculation_optAs part of its election platform, Labor in 2007 announced that overseas aid (or Official Development Assistance) would be raised from about 0.28% of GDP to 0.5% of GDP by 2015-16.

This commitment compares to the UN target level of 0.7%, which the EU has agreed to achieve by 2015.

This was a substantial and laudable increase – from $3.2 billion to around $8-9 billion (in $ of the day). And to date there has been a significant increase.

However, since December 2012, there have been significant changes – needless to say in the downward direction – to the timing as well as to the content of the aid budget.

Behind these changes lie three factors.

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Photo Medical staff examine a child for signs of malnourishment in DRC by DFID UK Department for International Development, flickr cc.
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