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Beware crusade rhetoric in Iraq conflict

Bruce Duncan

ISIL Flag Global Panorama flickr cc.

Colossal blunders await us, unless our political leaders have a clear understanding of Islamic traditions of war and legitimacy, and why jihadist movements have gained such a hold in the Middle East. Bruce Duncan warns against using crusade rhetoric in the conflict with the Islamic State, and argues that there can be no lasting western military solution in Iraq and Syria.



SPC Public Forum

Conflict over the Islamic State in
Iraq & Syria: Insights from Muslim experience & social traditions

With Susan Day Dirgham, who has lived for several years in Syria, and
Fr Bruce Duncan, who examines changes in Islamic just war thinking
in the light of international human rights today
Thursday 6 November 7:30-9pm
The Study Centre Yarra Theological Union

Best entry via 34 Bedford Street Box Hill
Refreshments available afterwards. An entry donation is welcome.
9899 4777  |

Don’t be alarmed. Be mad as hell!

Tony French

Internet censorship in Slovak republic flickr cc.
Is alarm about the Islamic State being used for political reasons to fan fear in Australia about the Muslim community? Tony French examines interpretations of the ISIL Statement threatening Australians among others, in light of government ‘dog-whistling’ about a war on terror.


People power brings cruel Newstart policies to a halt, for the time being

Colleen O’Sullivan

I’ll take the job! (Just let me steal to afford it first.) Kristian Niemi flickr cc
Mr Hockey’s budget met determined opposition from church and community groups, especially for its attempt to cut unemployment benefits to zero for six months each year for people under 30. Colleen O’Sullivan argues that there are  alternatives to the cruel measures in the budget.


Gambling harms aren’t worth taking a chance

Jason Davies-Kildea

_DSC7365.jpg Adam Foster flickr cc

Tens of thousands of families are suffering from the results of gambling, especially in less affluent areas which are especially targeted by the pokies industry. Captain Jason Davies-Kildea explains why this situation is allowed to continue, as he reflects on the 2014 Social Justice Statement from the Australian Council of Churches, Gambling and its impact in Australia – is nothing sacred?


Sport & Social Justice?

Joe McKay

What has social justice to do with sport? Indirectly, a lot, according to Joe Mckay, writing about the Catholic Bishops’ Social Justice Statement for 2014, A Crown for Australia: striving for the best in our sporting nation.


Professor Joe Camilleri

Rethinking our Future

A series of public lectures

Tuesdays in October 6-8pm
St Michael’s Church
120 Collins Street Melbourne
$15 per lecture, $50 for the series

The USA, Russia, & China: the prospect of a new cold war Tuesday 7 October

Coping with risk & uncertainty: volatile markets, anxious states, & tentative social movements Tuesday 14 October

The Middle East: Holy Land or crucible of conflict? Tuesday 21 October
Australia adrift: navigating new pathways  Tuesday 28 October

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Anna Burke

Refugees: we can do better.
What to do to heal this ‘running sore’.


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