SPC News February 2015. The message from Queensland: fairness matters.

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kurllpa bridgeThe astonishing result of the Queensland elections has confirmed widespread dissatisfaction with the Coalition parties. After the way the federal Coalition hammered Julia Gillard for failing to keep key promises, many Australians have been dumbfounded by the numerous broken promises of the Abbott government.
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tony abbott 2
Tony Abbot, Global Panorama, flickr cc

Where there is hope

Peter Whiting

In setting its course for 2015, Social Policy Connections is continuing to press familiar issues of – among others – social justice, inequality, the treatment of asylum seekers, indigenous issues, and climate change. The chair of SPC, Peter Whiting, laments that Prime Minister Abbott did not pick for knighthood a ‘champion’ on such social issues. Read this article in full.


pope francis philippines president
Former President Rajapaksa invited Pope Francis to visit Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa, flickr cc

Pope Francis highlights social justice, inequality, & climate change

Bruce Duncan

Pope Francis visited Sri Lanka and the Philippines in mid-January, urging reconciliation and renewed efforts to fight poverty and hunger. He highlighted the need for economic policies to promote increased equity in the distribution of resources, and called for urgent measures to deal with the threats from climate change. His candid comments during his plane trips also touched on the need for responsible parenthood. Read this article in full.


phil glendenning 3SPC Forum

Australia’s refugee crisis: what now?

Phil Glendenning

President of the Refugee Council of Australia
Director Edmund Rice Centre for Justice & Community Education Sydney
Thursday 19 February 2015 7.30-9pm
The Study Centre, Yarra Theological Union, Box Hill (best entry via 34 Bedford St)
Refreshments afterwards. Entry free, donation welcome.
Phil is one of the co-founders of Australians for Native Title & Reconciliation (ANTaR), and for ten years was National President. He has served on the Boards of the Australian Council for Social Service (ACOSS), several committees of the Australian Council for Overseas Aid, and the Centre for an Ethical Society. In recent years, Phil led the Edmund Rice Centre’s research team for the Deported To Danger series, which monitored the safety of rejected asylum seekers in 22 countries, and resulted in an internationally screened documentary, A Well Founded Fear. With a background in education and political science, today he is primarily involved in human rights education, peace and reconciliation work, and advocacy on climate change in Australia and internationally.
Je Suis Charlie
Yesterday–Today–Tomorrow, Driis & Marrionn, flickr cc

Pope Francis & British PM David Cameron: the right to freedom of speech

Brian Johnstone

The shocking killings of the staff of Charlie Hebdo has raised urgent questions about the right to free speech, and when this may need to be restrained by the rights of others not to be grossly offended or insulted, or even to suffer physical harm as a consequence. Brian Johnstone examines contrasting views of David Cameron and Pope Francis, and the ethical and religious issues involved. Read this article in full.

Do not pass go. Images money, CC BY

The 1% are bad for your health: it’s time to tax them more

Kate Pickett

Professor of Epidemiology at University of York

The level of inequality in the world has reached “staggering levels”, according to Professor Kate Pickett of York University. In the article reprinted from The Conversation, she argues that growth without increased equity will be self-defeating, resulting for many people in declining wages and living conditions. She contends that the major countries need to prioritise social equity and insist that the rich pay their fair share of taxes. Read this article in full.

A tribute to Dorothy Santamaria

Kevin Peoples

Kevin Peoples once worked with Bob Santamaria in the National Catholic Rural Movement, as he recounts in his book Santamaria’s Salesman. Here, he met Bob’s loyal secretary, Dorothy Jensen, who would become Bob’s wife in 1983, after the death of his first wife Helen. Kevin himself married Margaret Murray, as Kevin explains, by coincidence a niece of Dorothy’s. Read this article in full.

galileo inquisition
Galileo before the Inquisition in Rome on the charge of “vehement suspicion of heresy”, for his defence of the Copernican view that the earth revolves around the sun.

Science &  Religion: conflict
or consonance?

You are invited to follow or join in
the online forum

Moderated by Revd Stephen Ames & Kristian Camilleri
Hosted on the website of Emeritus Professor Joseph Camilleri.





Insights & challenges: religion & ecology

Professor Heather Eaton

PhD Coordinator Conflict Studies Saint Paul University Ottawa

Friday 6 March 4-5:30pm
Seminar room Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation
Monash University 8th Floor Building H Caulfield Campus
RSVP john.dalton@monash.edu
Download a flyer.

Hosted by Professor Constant Mews and Dr Scott Dunbar, Monash University Centre for Religious Studies, School of Philosophical Historical & International Studies, in conjunction with the Forum on Religion & Ecology at Monash.

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