Responses to Pope Francis’s challenge on climate change.

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laudato si

Responding to the social encyclical by Pope Francis, Laudato Si’, two prominent Melbourne academics spoke at an SPC forum on 9 July on Pope Francis on ‘catastrophic’ climate change, world poverty and social equity.

Addressing about 40 people at the Salvation Army Hall in Bourke Street Melbourne, they said the message about the dire threats from climate change should be a wakeup call to countries like Australia. Francis was insisting this is a crucial moral issue.

Lecturer in meteorology in Melbourne, Dr Mick Pope, is well qualified to speak about the environmental aspects of the encyclical, but he also linked it to social and cultural aspects, including the relationship between faith and science. As well as some YouTube clips, our website offers Dr Pope’s full article in response to the encyclical.

The emeritus professor from La Trobe University, Joe Camilleri, said in a very vibrant talk that this was one of the most important papal encyclicals ever written, covering not just the environment, but also linking together growing social inequality, world poverty, the crisis in neoliberal models of capitalism, the negative effects of consumerism, and distress in social cohesion. The YouTube clip from his talk is on our mailchimp and website.


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