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We invite your feedback & views.

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When you click on the Mission tab of our webpage, you will see our mission statement, beginning:

Social Policy Connections is an independent, ecumenical organisation, motivated and informed by Christian social thinking. Our purpose is to expand awareness of social justice issues in Australia and overseas, and to influence public policy for the benefit of all people, especially the most disadvantaged. SPC is not aligned with any political party.

A review of recent articles and editorials in our monthly newsletters, along with the messages from our public forums, will indicate quickly that Social Policy Connections has been concerned with key social justice issues confronting us not only in Australia but internationally.

Locally – and sadly – one constant theme over the last year has been the lament over the shameful treatment by Australian authorities of displaced and persecuted peoples who have sought asylum here. John Menadue’s articles have kept us abreast of policy debates on asylum seekers.

Our writers have also addressed growing inequalities in our society, whether arising from failings in economic, wages, or taxation policies, or driven by social causes like family violence or homelessness. At the international level, we have focused on a number of issues, including the environment and sustainability debate, neoliberal economics, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

On these and other issues, our mission is to inform, educate, and engage our members and readers, so that, together with like-minded organisations and individuals, we may influence the policy agenda of our leaders, as well as their response to selected issues.

We seek to evaluate events and policies in terms of their impact on the wellbeing of everyone, especially of those who are vulnerable. We also relate these concerns to the social traditions of the churches, and contribute in the public forum to debates and initiatives to increase social wellbeing.

We would very much like to hear what you think – whether bricks or bouquets! We wish to see how well we are presenting matters of concern to our members and of interest to our extensive on-line readership.

We invite you, therefore, to complete our questionnaire. It will only take a few minutes, but it will be of great help to us as we consider the best way forward for Social Policy Connections. Your comments will make certain we are aware of your concerns.

Begin the survey.

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