Nuclear power: cure or curse?

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by Luke K. Vaughan

Nuclear power- cure or curseNuclear power: cure or curse? is a 2007 discussion paper drawing together much of the scientific and public commentary on key aspects of the debate. It aims to take us beyond the advocacy of powerful sectional interests to assess issues on their merits, in the light of available evidence.

For many centuries the churches have tried to limit violence and warfare, especially through the just war and pacifist traditions. In recent decades, there has been renewed concern about even more ominous threats to human life. In our nuclear age, it has become imperative as far as possible to outlaw war altogether.

This study was initiated by the Catholic social agencies in Victoria, but within the context of the inter-faith networks in Melbourne, and especially the marvellous ecumenical collaboration fostered by the Social Questions Commission of the Victorian Council of Churches. This must be one of the most hopeful signs of our times, that people of good will of all faiths and beliefs can join together in the struggle to secure a peaceful future for humankind.

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