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photo anzac 1
Anzac Day, the horrors of war, Patarika, flickr cc

Anzac as a protest against war

Bruce Duncan argues that our Anzac ‘diggers’ would be enthusiastic in their approval of our commemoration as a stirring protest against war and injustice, and as a commitment to support those fleeing violence, poverty, and persecution.




photo helping the homeless
Helping the homeless, Ed Yourdon, flickr cc

Tony Abbot’s second budget : fairer?

The first budget of the Abbott government was widely rejected as unfair to low-income groups. Kate Mecham asks if its second budget will again fall heavily on low-income people through cuts to welfare  payments and support programs.



Melbourne houses 1980, Nick, flickr cc
Melbourne houses 1980, Nick, flickr cc

Anything positive about negative gearing?

Many Australians have a love affair with negative gearing as a secure investment for their retirement and their families. Tony French here examines arguments for and against negative gearing, and suggests that the best answer to housing shortages is to increase supply by policies to build more housing.




terrorism protest
Witness against torture: Reverend Billy Joins the protest, Justin Norman, flickr cc

How should we respond
to terrorism?

The threat from terrorism raises confronting moral issues for western governments. Brian Johnstone considers the religious issues and the challenge to human rights from western use of torture and drones.





bushfire launch group 2
Ivan Peterson, Revd Dr Stephen Ames, Dr Lisa Jacobson, Craig Lapsley, Revd John Bottomley, and Stuart Stuart. Photo courtesy Mark Brolly, Melbourne Anglican.

Clergy in emergencies:
the 2009 bushfires

Launching Working with disaster: clergy & bushfires, Victorian Commissioner for Emergency Management Craig Lapsley said churches and community groups need to prepare with government and other agencies for further such emergencies. Dr Lisa Jacobson distils her recommendations on what this entails from her interviews with clergy involved in the bushfires.




bushfires anzac memorial
Ruins of a community hall destroyed by bushfire with war memorial in foreground. Copyright Steve Lovegrove.

Who helps the helpers?

Closely involved with church and community groups responding to the bushfires, Ivan Peterson reflects on the impact of this prolonged trauma on the helpers.







human trafficking
Human trafficking, Imagens Evangélicas, flickr cc

SPC April Forum:
Angela Reed on sex trafficking

Mercy Sister Angela Reed reports on sex trafficking in the Philippines, and identifies key factors making women vulnerable to being caught up in the oppression and desperation of being trafficked.




solomon people
IMG_3210 Halavo Solomon Islands, Jenny Scott, flickr cc

Reflections on the Solomon Islands

After several years working in the Solomon Islands, Dominican priest Peter Murnane reflects on the people, the effects of the Second World War, recent civil conflict, the Australian intervention in RAMSI, and challenges of development.





photo mannixRealities & surprises in
Brenda Niall’s Mannix

Len Puglisi draws on his links to the Melbourne Catholic Worker group in reflecting on the social and political roles of Melbourne’s Archbishop Mannix.




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